Illusions Gallery Fine Art Prints on Canvas

Home Our Artists Links FAQ Shipping & Returns Privacy Contact shopping cart About the Gallery and Buying Art (From a newspaper article) "People ask us all the time what they should look for when buying artwork," explains Joyce Gibson who recently moved Illusions Gallery and Frames to it's new location. "We always suggest they buy what speaks to them. That may be an emotional response to the artwork, even when trying to match the décor of their home or office. Our shop is unique from others in the sense that we don't hard-sell you on a piece of art, but we generally can tell you some background on the artist that helps make that piece of art come alive for you. So, at Illusions it is a different type of shopping experience—no pushy selling, just a little explaining of techniques and something about the artist, if you wish." The shop is home to local artists, national artists, and 19th century classics. You will find both originals and reproductions on canvas. "We think you will find this a pleasant change from shopping in chain-style stores for artwork. Our reproductions are done with pigmented inks, which means your artwork will retain its color whereas poster type prints will fade. They are simply more durable. We have a wonderful selection that you can check out at, where shipping all over the world is a core part of our business." "Since we opened many customers have come to us for gifts, not only of artwork.We have unique gifts like our selection pottery, Stain Glass, Raku Pottery, and quilts and hand bags from. One item that people have fallen in love with are our original Honey Pots Luminaries...each one is unique--no two are alike. It is an opportunity to give unique gifts this holiday season. Another part of the business is their expertise in framing…offering a full line of mats and frames."The
key is professional expertise. Typically when you have an item framed…it has importance and value to
you. We have literally decades of experience between myself, my son, William McGloin and framers
Richard Anderson and Christ Klipp. Experience, professional expertise, and customer service matters.
A chain store may have someone who was put in that department 2 weeks ago whereas we have been
doing this virtually our entire adult lives."
767 Concord Rd. Smyrna.GA.30082